Studed leather belt

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This will be made to order. This is handmade so there may be some variations. I am not a machine it may not be perfectly aligned.

This will be the size that you give me (the size being the biggest hole on the belt). If you want specific size for the holes please let me know where you want them. (usually I put 5-6 size holes in the belt)

There is 2 pieces of leather, the top piece has the studs. Then the leather is bonded together so that the studs don't scratch you.

This belt is sleek ,simple and sexy to add to your punk/scene wardrobe. This style can be layered under or over clothing to dress up any look.

Features Leather, metal studs, metal buckle.

Care: Delicate spot wash only

It takes me about 2-3weeks to process and make each order before I send it out. It can take longer depending on if I am waiting on supplies. I make orders in the order that they come in. (if there is a custom color request it will depend on how fast I can get the color in)

If you require your item sooner please send me a message and I will try to meet your request!