Leather Choker

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This beautiful Handmade Gothic Spiked Choker with chains is super cute and is perfect for everyday use.

This choker is made from leather (usually about 3mm thick) and is 3/4 inch wide. The spikes are approx 3/8in. While the chain is approx 1/4in wide.
The secondary color will be the clasp and rivets. Now all chains will be attached with a D ring to help the chain stay together. (if you really don't want the D ring Please leave a comment  I can do it but Will not fix it if it breaks)

Each spike is approx 1 inch from the other. If you choose to have a chain on your Choker it will be placed after every 2 spikes.

The choker is fitted with 2 snaps in the back and won't pop off even if someone pulls the front of the choker. If you want one or three snaps just message me after purchase to let me know. Or If you would like only 1 fanning snap and 3 size options. I would make it so that your size is the length to the middle Snap so it can be worn a little tighter or looser, e.g. a 20-inch measurement would be 20 inches to the middle of the Snap.

Please note that all my items are made from 100% genuine leather and NOT made from faux leather, bonded, leather-lined, coated, or any other sort of fake leather. The leather is painted (except black) to get the color with leather paint, it does not crack. (I use it on my shoes and where one of these chokers all the time)

As all my items are hand made my leed time is up to 2 weeks for me to ship out, but items are usually sent out within a couple of days (depending on how busy my shop is or if I have supply chain issues).

And as always If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.